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Ford Diesels
Our Specialty!

Photo of F-350 badge.
Photo of Power Stroke badge.

Eddie Guzman, owner and manager of Guzman’s Tune-Up Plus in Mission, Texas, knows that vehicles become more complex each year. Vehicle performance and reliability has increased greatly as a result.

Photo of Ford diesel engine change

    We do tough jobs regularly!

Trouble-shooting and repairing these vehicles has also become more complex! That makes managing a full-service repair shop challenging!

Eddie knows that he must have mechanics with specialized training, experience, and plenty of common sense to work on today’s cars and trucks. He has them!

He knows that the mechanics must have ordinary and specialized tools so they can do their work quickly and correctly. He has them, including computer-based diagnostic equipment!

Photo of Pro Cut on-car brake lathe

Setting up the Pro Cut
on-car brake lathe

He also knows detailed documentation is necessary so the mechnics can follow proper procedures and specifications. Guzman’s Tune-Up Plus has the documentation!

Here, Joe is setting up a Pro Cut on-car brake lathe. That’s the most accurate way of trueing up brake rotors. Usually, only the large dealerships have this sophisticated equipment. But Guzman’s Tune-Up Plus has one!

You can benefit from his knowledge and experience, as hundreds of other RGV customers have done over the years. In fact, other area repair shops regularly call upon Eddie and his crew to repair their most challenging cases! Wouldn’t you like to benefit from that experience? It would be like going to the doctor to which the other doctors go!

If you need an auto repair shop, call Guzman’s Tune-Up Plus: 956-583-8899

Photo of Eddie Guzman's graduation certificates.

Training Certificates from Ford

Photo of mechanic at Guzman's Tune-Up Plus

We work on little ones!

Photo of differential

We solve easy problems.
We solve tough problems.

Heriberto “Eddie” Guzman
AMSOIL Retail Account
8101 West Expressway 83
Mission, TX 78572


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