Your AMSOIL Supplier in Mission, Texas: Eddie Guzman
of Guzman's Tune-Up Plus

Photo of Eddie Guzman, Independent AMSOIL Dealer, Mission, TX

Eddie Guzman,
AMSOIL ​Retail Account
Mission, TX

As experts in the auto and pickup repair business, Guzman's Tune-Up Plus recognizes the protection and other benefits AMSOIL synthetic lubricants provide your vehicle.

That's why Eddie's Guzman's Tune-Up Plus is an AMSOIL Retail Account. He recognizes the quality of AMSOIL products and the value they can bring to his customers.  He's pleased to offer the products of AMSOIL, Inc., the first company to provide an API approved oil for automobile use. And that was way back in 1972!

If you're in the Mission, TX, area you can get your AMSOIL oil change right at their shop at 8101 West Expressway 83, Mission. But no matter where you are, you can become a Dealer, Preferred Customer, or Retail or Commercial Account. Then you deal directly with AMSOIL, Inc., to get the product you need in the quantity you desire. 

​Become an AMSOIL Dealer

As a Dealer, which has a very modest cost of entry, you can begin your own synthetic lubricant business by introducing others to AMSOIL products. You'll be selling products of the highest quality and dealing with an established company with a respected reputation.

Click here to learn more about becoming an Independent AMSOIL Dealer!

See the full AMSOIL product line in their FREE retail catalog! You can either download it or have it mailed. Just click the picture below!

Photo of AMSOIL Retail Catalog

AMSOIL Retail Catalog

Heriberto “Eddie” Guzman
AMSOIL Retail Account
8101 West Expressway 83
Mission, TX 78572